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want to take

great notes?

note-taker ardentplanner 2022

It's a new day for note-takers!


make every day a good day

Our growing family of workbook planners and note-takers are transformative tools for a better life.


  • 2022 weekly planner, note-taker and travel planner in one unique workbook

  • Functional, flexible format for barrier-free writing

  • No-bulk workbook with quality paper, fold-back pages and an uncluttered format 

  • Details: 8.5 x 11, 182 pages, 70# paper, wire-o binding, laminate cover

  • ArdentNote

  • Next level meeting and class notes

  • Get organized with areas of focus, Table of Contents, and space to record to-dos, attendees and page numbers

  • Innovative format helps with study comprehension and information retention

  • Details: 8.5 x 11, 124 pages, 70# paper, 1/4" lines, plastic spiral binding, laminate cover

  • ArdentProject

  • Three projects in one workbook

  • Intuitive format designed to help you think through and tackle big and small projects

  • Includes 7 brainstorming and planning pages, 11 goal and task management pages, 2 wrap-up pages

  • Details: 8.5 x 11, 74 pages, 70# paper, plastic spiral binding, laminate cover

  • Next Level note-taking

     Our innovative format encourages organization of thoughts, study comprehension, and helps to capture important details for easy reference.

    ardentplanner 2022 for notes
    ardentplanner 2022 note-taker

    "I take at least 10 pages of notes a week. It is tedious to scan past notes to find details or do research. Having a table of contents, page numbers, and special focus areas helps to organize my notes so I can easily find what I need fast."

    visual organization

    The format of the pages provides visual organization of your notes to help you find and remember important details. 

    Find it fast

    Easily find details about a particular topic, class, or meeting with focus areas, table of contents, and corresponding page numbers.

    Feel Meets Function

    Durable laminate cover, 70# uncoated paper that feels oh-so-good, uncluttered fold-back pages with spiral binding.

    intuitive workbook format

    ArdentPlanners are designed to reflect how we think, plan, and remember.

    "The note-taker helps to order my tasks, questions and thoughts. I use the open space on the left side of the page to ponder and the right side to categorize and number my lines. I carry my note-taker in my back back, so the laminated front and back covers and plastic spiral binding prevent damage."

    notes in planner 2022


    Efficient, visually organized note-taking with class or meeting notes in the center column, focus areas or questions to the right, and categories or line numbers to the left. Summaries, follow up items and attendees are at the bottom. Focus areas, table of contents and page numbers help you to find information fast.


    This ain't your traditional notepad! It's a super-charged organizational tool. The 8.5" x 11" notebook has 2 Table of Contents pages and 120 note pages. Laminate front and back covers protect your notebook as it's carried in your work bag, portfolio, or backpack. 

    Feels Good

    Our high-quality 70# paper feels oh-so-good and resists ink bleed-through. The paper is uncoated, which provides texture for writing and promotes tactile learning.


    The ultra-durable plastic spiral and laminate cover is attractive and water resistant. Easily flip through pages, lay flat or fold back the cover. Keep your ArdentNote as a reference tool for many years to come.

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