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  • Do you struggle with procrastination?

  • Do you have something that needs "doing" but don't know where to start?

  • Whether you're renovating your home, planning your wedding, or managing a work project, this free printable version of our original ArdentProject will help you to think through and successfully manage all of the details.

  • Print only the pages you need, fill them out, and staple them together to create your own workbook. Or, save your printer ink and order a pre-printed three-project workbook (see below).

Free ArdentProject

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ardentplanner 2022

Project progress is at your fingertips


Build positive momentum

Our growing family of workbook planners, note-takers, and journals (coming soon) are the perfect springboard to success.

ardentplanner 2022


  • 2022 weekly planner, note-taker and trip builder in one unique workbook

  • Functional, flexible format for barrier-free writing

  • No-bulk workbook with quality paper, fold-back pages and an uncluttered format 

  • Details: 8.5 x 11, 182 pages, 70# paper, wire-o binding, laminate cover

  • ardentnote 2022


  • Next level meeting and class notes

  • Get organized with areas of focus, Table of Contents, and space to record to-dos, attendees and page numbers

  • Innovative format helps with study comprehension and information retention

  • Details: 8.5 x 11, 124 pages, 70# paper, 1/4" lines, plastic spiral binding, laminate cover

  • ardentproject 2022


  • Three projects in one workbook

  • Intuitive format designed to help you think through and tackle big and small projects

  • Includes 7 brainstorming and planning pages, 11 goal and task management pages, 2 wrap-up pages

  • Details: 8.5 x 11, 74 pages, 70# paper, plastic spiral binding, laminate cover

  • Project Planning Made easy

    ArdentProject walks you through five do-able steps to help you accomplish big and small projects at work or home.

    note-taker calendar
    ardent project planner 2022

    "Brainstorming helps me to think. I draw boxes and circles and write as I create my project plan. Then, I assign dates and begin my tasks. My whole project unfolds step by step. It's very do-able. Checking items off my To-Do List feels great!"

    Write & draw Format

    Need to write as you think and make plans? The intuitive format is perfect for those who put pencil to paper to get mental juices flowing.

    Versatile Planning

    Convert an idea into a completed project in five easy steps. Open space to brainstorm, manage tasks and details in one workbook.

    Feel Meets Function

    Durable laminate cover, 70# uncoated paper that feels oh-so-good, uncluttered fold-back pages with spiral binding.

    Three Projects in one workbook

    Projects are separated by Coloring Pages with motivational messages and 1, 2, 3 Labels

    Ardentplanner 2022 pages

    intuitive workbook format

    ArdentPlanners are designed to reflect how we think, plan, and remember.

    "I was so disorganized with post-it notes and piles of scribbled scrap paper. Now, I use an organized workbook with a clear plan, daily goals, and tasks. There's lots of space to take notes and make lists. I feel like I can manage anything that comes my way."

    ardent structure for 2022


    The 5 step formula walks you through common sense prompts to define your plan, brainstorm by writing/drawing to identify key elements, mapping out each element with a due date, creating goals and tasks and a wrap-up section once the project is complete.


    Three projects in one ArdentPlanner including:  7 brainstorming and planning pages, 11 goal and task management pages, 2 “wrap up” pages. Each project is separated by numbers (1, 2, 3) in the top right side of the page and by fun, inspirational coloring pages 


    ArdentProject is an easy-to-use 8.5" x 11" with 74 pages (37 two-sided). Its comfortable size makes brainstorming and list-making a breeze. And, it can act as a folder for miscellaneous related papers and receipts. 


    Intuitive prompts and design help you think through and tackle big and small projects. Use the pages in a way that works for you with sections that reflect the way we think, plan and remember.


    The ultra-durable plastic spiral and laminate cover is attractive and water resistant. Easily flip through pages, lay flat or fold back the cover. Keep your ArdentProject as a reference tool for many years to come.

    Feels Good

    You'll love thumbing through our high-quality, thick 70# uncoated paper.

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