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Incredible savings

Fantastic prices on ArdentPlanners 1st generation of planners and note-takers.

2022 ardentplanner


  • 2022 weekly planner, note-taker and travel planner in one unique workbook

  • Functional, flexible format for barrier-free writing

  • No-bulk workbook with quality paper, fold-back pages and an uncluttered format 

  • Details: 8.5 x 11, 182 pages, 70# paper, wire-o binding, laminate cover

  • ardentnote in 2022 calendar / planner


  • Next level meeting and class notes

  • Get organized with areas of focus, Table of Contents, and space to record to-dos, attendees and page numbers

  • Innovative format helps with study comprehension and information retention

  • Details: 8.5 x 11, 124 pages, 70# paper, 1/4" lines, plastic spiral binding, laminate cover

  • ardentproject in weekly planner


  • Three projects in one workbook

  • Intuitive format designed to help you think through and tackle big and small projects

  • Includes 7 brainstorming and planning pages, 11 goal and task management pages, 2 wrap-up pages

  • Details: 8.5 x 11, 74 pages, 70# paper, plastic spiral binding, laminate cover

  • your flexible dreamy planner

    Capture appointments, tasks, notes, thoughts, goals, ideas, and travels in a way that works best for you with the perfect 2022 planner.

    2022 weekly planner

    intuitive workbook format

    ArdentPlanners are designed to reflect how we think, plan, and remember.

    Flexible Calendar

    Keep track of your life with pre-filled annual, monthly and weekly 2022 calendars.

    Versatile Planning

    Capture goals, appointments, tasks, notes, travels (and more) in a unique spiral-bound workbook.

    Feel Meets Function

    Highly functional and durable, with quality 70# uncoated paper and a flexible, uncluttered format.

    "My perfect 2022 planner has no heavy covers, no bulky tabs, no rigid format, and no bold colors or sections to limit writing space."

    perfect planner for 2022


    The weekly calendar format is Monday-Sunday. Enjoy a large, two-page monthly calendar immediately followed by the adaptable weekly calendar.


    ArdentPlanner is an easy-to-use 8.5" x 11" with 182 pages. No heavy covers or thick tabs means you can slip the planner into your laptop sleeve, bag or portfolio without weighing you down


    You’ll love thumbing through our high-quality, thick 70# uncoated paper.


    Use the pages in a way that works for you with sections that reflect the way we think, plan and remember. The muted colors encourage you to write anywhere without boxes, borders, and bold colors to limit your flow.


    The ultra-durable laminate cover is attractive and water resistant. Wire-o binding helps you to easily flip through pages, lay flat or fold back the cover.


    Boldly printed "Peek-a-Boo Tabs" show months and organize sections without adding bulk.

    The stuff that dreams are made of

    ArdentPlanner includes an innovative trip builder and note-taking system so everything important can be found in one organized place.

     2022 calendar and weekly planner

    Free ArdentProject

    This free printable workbook will help you to plan and successfully manage your project.

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