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Your Planner business-in-A-Box 

ArdentPartner is a unique wholesale/dropshipping hybrid program. Partners receive access to wholesale prices, helpful sales tools, and dazzling covers branded for your business (optional) that can be paired with any of ArdentPlanners' products for an instant branded product line. And, we'll ship orders directly to your customer or mail them to you for in-store sales.

Pretty cool, right?

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    Benefits of Becoming an ArdentPartner

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    Partner Spotlight

    2022 Abundance Planner

    Imagine this … 

    Every day, multiple times a day, your customer reaches for a helpful product that is essential to their daily life. And it’s positively shining with your company’s brand and messaging. We’re not just talking about logos and brand colors here (unless that’s what you want, of course). This is an opportunity to AMPLIFY your brand and communicate with your customers in a quality way every day throughout the year. 

    We work with you to create a branded cover that reinforces the messages you communicate to customers in unique ways, which creates deeper relationships and opens the door to new opportunities to grow your business through consultations and classes.  

    Heather Carter’s Abundance Planner is a perfect demonstration of what’s possible. We worked with Heather to create a custom design with four fabulous covers featuring unique imagery from a local artist, coaching content, and activities that reinforce Heather's message (Vision Board and Daily Affirmations). She paired her custom covers with an ArdentPlanner to create a perfect projection of Heather's brand that her customers use every day, all year.

    Free cover templates for your planner

    Your business comes alive on the cover of ArdentPlanner. Select your template (see below for a peek at some of our designs), provide your logo, business name, and website. We'll print it and ship it to you and/or your customer.

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    cover ardentplanner 2022
    cover ardentplanner 2022
    cover ardentplanner 2022
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    Make Money Doing Something you love

    Learn more about our fabulous dropshipping/wholesale program that provides access to wholesale pricing, optional branded covers, and sales tools to help you generate income doing something you love. It's a planner business in-a-box!

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    Branded Covers FAQ

    I want a branded cover. How does it work?

    Complete the quick and easy ArdentPartner Application. If approved, we’ll email you a link that will take you to the ArdentPartner wholesale site. 

    From there, you can place your orders and request a branded cover. Then, we'll reach out and discuss your business and cover ideas. We’ll create your branded cover and send it to you for approval. 

    Once printed, you have options for how to use your supply.  The covers can be shipped to you (for in-person sales) and/or stored at our Fulfillment Center. 

    When you place orders for your customers, you simply add your cover to any of ArdentPlanners products, giving you an instant branded product line to sell your customers. You can order the products to sell in-person or we'll mail your orders directly to your customer's home.  

    Is there a minimum order for branded covers?

    Yes, there is a minimum order of 25 covers. This means that you order at least 25 covers in either poly or soft cover material. 

    In the past, we required you to order 30 full planners for a custom cover. However, we now have a different printer and a new disc-bound format, which provides more flexibility and affordable options. 


    The bottom line is you'll have a line of branded products for the low cost of 25 cover sets.  This is a huge win for your and your business. We're so excited to share this fabulous program with our ArdentPartners!  We sincerely hope you’ll embrace the partnership by pairing your covers with ArdentPlanners’ products so we can grow together.

    How long does it take to get a branded cover?

    It can take 5-8 weeks from the time that your Partnership Application is approved until you have a custom branded product that’s ready to sell. This timeframe is an estimate and is contingent upon the customer’s responsiveness and the time it takes for customization, revisions, printer delays, and shipping. 


    We recommend that you apply to become an ArdentPartner ASAP, which will provide you wholesale pricing. Make your request by early August (or sooner) for a branded cover.

    When should I order for a 2023 product?

    Is tomorrow too soon? :) 

    But seriously, the sooner the better. We need time to design your cover. You need time to edit and approve the design. The printer needs time to source materials and print the cover. Then, you need time to promote your beautiful branded products so you can make the bulk of your sales from October-January. 

    We manage design orders on a first come, first serve basis. So please, don't wait too long. Your design requests should be with us by early August for your October launch, but they can start anytime. The longer you wait, the smaller your window of time to sell your planner and make a profit.

    Can I return unsold branded covers?

    Unfortunately, since your covers are branded for your business, they can not be returned. 

    If you have concerns about unsold stock, we recommend a custom cover design that can be used for multiple years and purposes. For instance, ArdentPlanners covers feature no writing or logos. This is purposeful. It allows our covers to be flipped and used for several years by different businesses. And, the covers can be placed on a planner or a notebook (or whatever our customer wants). 

    There are also good reasons to include the year and writing, but that depends entirely on your goals for your product. Isn't it great to have options? :)

    Is there a minimum of 25 covers every time?

    You have to order a minimum of 25 branded covers each time you order and re-order.  

    How do I become an ArdentPartner?

    Click on on the buttons "Become an ArdentPartner" found on this page. It's really easy. If approved, we’ll email you a link that will take you to the ArdentPartner wholesale site where you'll find products at wholesale prices, resources to help you sell, and branded planners.  

    Are ArdentPartners only businesses?

    Most of our ArdentPartners will have a business. However, there are certain cases, such as custom covers for a group or event, that would prompt non-businesses to reach out. Please share those details when you complete the ArdentPartner Application. 

    Individuals merely looking for wholesale pricing can benefit from our regular sales and will not be approved as an ArdentPartner.

    Do you offer custom design?

    Custom Design for Covers:

    Creating a branded cover with custom graphics and content is a powerful tool to communicate with your customers and amplify your brand. It can take approximately 1-5 hours (or longer) to design. The fee for custom design services is $75 per hour (plus the cost for 25 covers).  

    How to Avoid Design Fees for Branded Covers:

    To avoid design fees, choose one of our free cover templates or keep ArdentPlanners' designs and add your logo, business name, and website.

    Other Custom Design:

    Thinking about customizing the ArdentPlanner? Interested in another project entirely? Send us an email at Sunny@ArdentPlanners and let us know what's on your mind.

    Enjoy a big, beautiful spotlight of your business brand on a core item in your customer's life.